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Full-Time Option

Organization of online learning may take several forms for students enrolled in SOAR. Students take courses with the assistance of on-site learning coaches and mentors who support and guide them as they complete their coursework. The mentors are an important part of the instructional team and their role is crucial to the success of students enrolled in online courses. Mentors and students will work together to establish a personalized learning plan, set goals, and monitor progress. Mentors will meet with students at least once per week. Meetings may be face-to-face, via phone, or online.

In addition to weekly mentor communications, students enrolled full-time in SOAR will be required to:

  • Be continually enrolled in three or more online courses which would lead to graduation
  • Spend 5 – 10 hours per course per week
  • Complete 1.5 credits every 10 weeks
  • Attend mandatory lab sessions
  • Take all state mandated assessments (M-STEP, SAT)
  • Take all final exams on-site