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What SOAR parents are saying…

  • The teachers work one on one with my son. This is something he needs until he grasps the work.
  • I like the flexible schedule. I love that in such a short time my daughter has shown me so much growth. She's comfortable, relaxed, and loves school. I love to see her actually happy about going to school.
  • I'm very happy with the SOAR program, because my child was able to learn in a better environment where she can focus on her work and not have to worry about being bullied. Her grades have gone up and she's doing well in the program. I'm very grateful that we were offered a computer as well as the internet for her because we couldn't afford internet in our own home so I'm glad that the SOAR program was able to give that to her. 
  • As a parent, it has been good having educators around to observe, assist and provide almost instant feedback for students. The students have the opportunity to have one on one instruction, pretty much there whenever they need help. This program is self-paced and courses are given in bite sized chunks.
  • SOAR has taught my daughter a way to learn that she understands. Now she knows she can do it and realizes how important her education is and is going to continue her education when she graduates. 
  • The administration and other staff are available to assist my son when needed and encourage him to do the best he can
  • Truly no child is left behind. The staff really cares about the success of EACH student
  • Thank GOD for SOAR!! Thank you so much for all your help and support.


What SOAR students are saying…

  • SOAR has taught me how to be mature, independent, and to pace myself. I don't feel scared to ask for help anymore, because I feel more confident. 
  • What I like about SOAR is that it motivated me to do my work. SOAR motivated me to be a better person in life. 
  • SOAR helped me grow out of my shell by interacting with all the great teachers here and overcoming my anxiety. 
  • I like the one on one work with the teachers.
  • I like the support and kindness from the staff. Really great people.
  • What I like best about my school is it fits my schedule, it’s more independent and I can work at my own pace.
  • I like that it’s flexible with your time and when you need help you have lots of support.
  • I like that I have help 24/7 when needed. I also like when I come on campus it’s peaceful and quiet.
  • I like that they are helping all the kids and making sure students are getting on the right track.