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Welcome to South Redford

There is something for everyone here in South Redford! From clubs to athletics to music to the arts, no student will ever grow tired of the many opportunities available to them here in South Redford.
Voters recently approved a new building fund, which will make sure we have top of the line facilities for many years to come. South Redford also completed a multi-million dollar renovation of Thurston High School and the Athletic Campus in 2007, and is home to Weber Auditorium, a state of the art facility used by many regional theater companies in addition to our own music and drama programs.
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Our Mission

SOAR Academic Institute is committed to providing educational opportunities to students for whom the traditional school model has posed challenges. We strive to remove barriers to academic achievement through strong relationships, flexible scheduling, and 24/7 access to coursework. SOAR will help students:

- Take control of their educational outcomes by giving them a degree of ownership in their personalized learning plans.
- Discover their potential and encourage personal growth through strong mentoring.
- Work at their own pace on a wide range of comprehensive courses.
- Allow them to test out of lessons using mastery tests.