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Welcome Letter


Welcome to SOAR! Please take a few moments to explore the online learning opportunities we provide. Our primary objective at SOAR is to remove barriers to academic success. To achieve this we offer flexible schedules, 24/7 access to coursework, personalized learning plans for each student, and in-person learning lab options.

Whether students attend traditional schools or pursue their education online, it is our belief that students learn best when there is a strong relationship between student and school. That is why, though we are an online school, we prioritize the relationships between students and mentors. At SOAR each student has a mentor to serve as a guide through his or her personal journey to academic success. Students in SOAR also have access to learning coaches and learning labs. Through our online mentoring and our in-person coaching, we strive to identify and remove whatever barriers students may encounter on their path to academic success.

In the side menu, you will find links to a wealth of information that you may find useful, including our calendar, course software, online readiness tools, and FAQ.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 313.242.0550 with any questions you may have.


Matthew Daly 
Director, SOAR Academic Institute